When assessing the environmental impact of clothing, the entire production chain must be considered: materials, dyes, treatments, the number of transport steps, and the garment's impact on the environment after use. The fabrics that last the longest are always the most ecological. We choose our materials carefully. For example, we use as little cotton as possible. For dyeing linen, we have chosen a digital printing method that uses no water at all, and the colours used are very safe. We want our clothes to be as environmentally friendly as possible, while also prioritising comfort and style. Therefore, we have chosen viscose linen, nettle and bamboo fabrics for a good reason.

In addition to considering environmental aspects and quality, we have created our clothes for the body of an adult woman. We want our customers to enjoy these clothes for years to come. We think you can forget about the seasons: these clothes are suitable for long-term use all year round. The clothes are designed in Finland and manufactured in our neighbouring country, Estonia. They are sent directly from the factory to the customers in recycled, plastic-free packaging. GreenDress offers sustainable and comfortable fashion for adult women. We have two very different collections. One is a colourful viscose linen collection, and the other one is an extremely comfortable bamboo fabric collection. Take a step towards a greener future with us! Welcome to the world of GreenDress!